Clarke Quay & Riverside


A colourful and exciting part of Singapore, The Clarke Quay & Riverside Area is essentially the area located on both banks of the Singapore river, immediately to the west of the Central Business District. It has a clear boundary on the north along River Valley Road (the border with the Orchard Area), but on crossing the river to the south the boundary of the area zigzags along Delta Rd, Ganges Rd, Outram Rd, the Central Expressway, Havelock Rd and back to the river at South Bridge Rd. Bordering the Clarke Quay and Riverside along the southern boundary roads, is the Chinatown Area, and to the east is the Marina Bay Area. This area includes Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Roberton Quay and Great World City, as well as the budget accommodation area of Hong Kong St.

When Sir Stamford Raffles developed Singapore into a major trading hub of South East Asia and beyond, the warehouses and shophouses along these lower reaches of the Singapore river where the lifeblood of trade, docking, re-supplying and repairing trading vessels and thier crews from around the globe.

Today the area had become an entertainment and nightlife mecca, filled with restaurants and bars, but many parts of the area have retained and restored historical buildings and character shophouses. It is probably the best area of Singapore to get a feel for the islands history, and how things would have been in the mid 19th century.

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 Getting There – Distances, Times and Costs

Distance from Airport – Approx 22.5km

Estimated Taxi cost – day Taxi S$17.00 , night Taxi  S$24.00,  taking 20 – 25 minutes

Other Transport options

MRT train – Green Line,14 stops to Outram Park, then transfer to Blue Line 2 stops East. cost S$1.79


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total hotels in area – aproximately 25


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